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Now an INA Member

I am proud to announce that Aspen and Steamboat Nannies are now part of the International Nanny Association!


Our Nannies and sitters will now go through the basic skills assessment and credential exam for nannies and sitters and will complete the Newborn Care Specialists exam when that is out. 

More about INA: In 1985 nanny agency owners, nannies and nanny educators from the United States, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand gathered at Scripps College in Claremont, California, for the first INA conference. We are now a part of that movement.

Since that gathering in 1985, INA is proud to have:

  1. Established Recommended Practices for nannies, placement agencies, and educators

  2. Produced the first internationally recognized credential exam for nannies and is working on one for Newborn Care Specialists.

  3. Created a Basic Skills Assessment to gauge the child care knowledge and skills of entry-level nannies and will soon be introducing one for Newborn Care Specialists.

  4. Created a Nanny Family Handbook used by nannies, parents and placement agencies across the United States

  5. Conducted multiple nationwide salary and benefits surveys for in-home child care providers

  6. Started an INA Member-only Facebook Group for networking and continuing education

  7. Hosted 33 annual educational conferences across the United States and internationally?

INA has become the authority on in-home child care. INA will fulfill its mission of improving our industry by providing information, education, and guidance to the public and to industry professionals.

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