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Festival Check list for Parents & Nannies

Our favorite festival (JAS Aspen labor day ) is back with another amazing lineup and we all know how much you want to enjoy the music with your little ones so we prepared a checklist so everyone is happy and safe!

  • Medication (if you child has allergies or other health issues pack what you need to keep them safe )

  • Empty Water bottles (JAS no longer sells plastic bottles at their event but there are plenty of places to refill your bottle with fresh water)

  • Snacks (there are many delicious food vendors, however, keep some snacks handy in case they don’t see anything they like or have food allergies)

  • Change of clothes ( accidents happens to everyone!)

  • Warm & waterproof cloths (You never know how the weather will change here in the mountains so be prepared for rain and cold mountain air)

  • Picnic Blankets ( have a space for the family where you can put your bags, sit and maybe take a nap)

  • Earplugs or noise protection earmuff (especially for toddlers! It will be loud and can be dangerous for their little eardrums – also if they fall asleep it will help them stay asleep!)

  • Write your Name and Number and attach it to their pants ( it will be crowded so if you accidentally lose each other they will be able to find someone to contact you )

  • When arriving at the venue choose a place together that will be your emergency meet up the place (again if they get lost and are too shy to ask for help you know where to find them)

For more information on the venue, the food options, maps, and other information please refer to JAS website

We hope this checklist helps you enjoy your weekend… And happy labor day from Aspen Nannies!

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