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On those cold, Winter days where it may not be the nicest outside, it is sometimes hard to find indoor activities to entertain the kids with. Here’s a list of things that always work for me!

Winter Arts and Craft

Paper snowflakes

This is a great way to let kids get creative without many supplies. All you need is paper, scissors and maybe some adhesive if you want to decorate the walls with the end result of these beautiful snowflakes. 

Paper Snowman

Paper snowmen is a very simple creation using everyday goods to keep the kids entertained that won’t take too much time or effort. Great for those littlies.

Winter coloring-in

For free, fun, printable coloring-in pages click here.


I always find cooking is a great way to get kids interested in trying different things and getting them off those screens.

Here are some of my favorite, kid friendly recipes.

  1. Christmas Tree Rice Crispy Treats

  2. Hot Chocolate

  3. Mini Pepper Pizza

  4. Donut Apples

  5. Chocolate Snowballs  


Build a fort

This is something that kids always love! They get to use their imagination and come up with story lines of where they are and games to play. All you need are some sheets to cover over chairs or couches and then some pillows and blankets for the inside to make it comfy. They will have a blast with this one!

-Balancing beam

Put a piece of masking tape on the ground and have the kids try to walk only on the tape. You can make it harder by having them walk backwards or hop on the line.

-If the day clears up or there is a chance to brave the cold, these are some great games to play in the snow!

Winter Scavenger Hunt

-Make a Snowmen or Snow Angel

-Have a snowball fight

Enjoy your day in or outdoors with the kids! I am sure incorporating some of these activities into your day is sure to keep them entertained and hopefully wear them out a little!  

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