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6 Tips for a smooth & successful back to school routine

Uh oh, summer is almost over and the stress of back to school is here but don’t worry, we have the perfect tool’s to help make the transition easy on you!

1. One week before class starts get back into a school routine

Start by reinforcing bedtime like it was before summer break so they slowly change their internal clock back to school time!

2.  Reincorporate “homework “ time with fun books & exercises

Spend time with your little ones reading or doing fun exercises together, this positive time spent together will make the word “homework ” seem a little less scary.

3.  Plan a play date with a classmate

By now your child’s teacher must have given you a list of the students in his/her class, with that information plan a play date with an old or new friend so your child will feel reassured knowing someone and even excited to see them again.

4.  First-day outfit treat

Has your little girl been asking for a new bracelet or has your son been eyeing those cool roller sneakers? Give them a little back to school gift of something they can wear on their first day. It may seem superficial but it can increase their confidence and desire to go to school and show it off!

5. Make the last day of summer extra special

Celebrate the last day of summer with your kids, a bbq lunch party or a fun day at the old town hot springs with a scoop of ice cream might just be the perfect way to end an amazing summer.

6. Stay positive and open ears

With school right around the corner your child might feel a little nervous and sad, listen to their fear and reassure them.  Remind them of all the interesting things they will learn, their friends waiting for them on the playground and other activities he or she enjoys during the school year like soccer, gym or hockey.

On behalf of  Aspen & Steamboat Nannies, we hope these few tips will help transition your little one’s a successful back school year.

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