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Hello, families! I'm Karine, I was born and raised in the fields of Minnesota and spent a big chunk of my life braving the cold near Lake Superior. I have lived in Steamboat Springs on and off for the past 3 years, now finally calling this my forever home. I initially moved here to nanny for a local family, and I instantly fell in love with the sunny winter days, the healthy lifestyle, and the rejuvenating bubbling waters scattered around town!

My educational background is in Psychology and Special Education, and I've worn many hats over the years – from Mental Health Child Counselor to Preschool Teacher and Autism Specialist. I've worked with kids from diverse backgrounds and abilities, gaining over a decade of experience as a Household Manager, Traveling Nanny, Live-In Nanny, and Live-Out Nanny. On top of that, I have endless hours of professional training in interpersonal communications, child psychology, early childhood development, therapeutic methods, behavior observation, neuroscience, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, and youth & family systems.

Now, for some fun facts about me: Firstly, I'm passionate about teaching mindfulness and meditation, a calling that has truly transformed my life. Secondly, I've lived on horse ranches all over the country – it seems this lifestyle just keeps finding me! And lastly, I'm a huge fan of live bluegrass music. When it comes to my nanny adventures, I love exploring with the kiddos, going on nature walks and scavenger hunts, and diving into swimming and water activities. It's all about creating a joyful and engaging environment for the little ones!

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