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Hello! I am currently in nursing school at Colorado mountain college and pursing a pediatric specialty. I was born and raised in Steamboat rafting, skiing, biking and kayaking. I went to Northern Arizona University and received a bachelor’s of science in biomedical science. I returned to Steamboat in the fall of 2023 to pursue my nursing career. Along with my bachelors degree I am also a nationally registered EMT and medical assistant. I spent about 3 years working as an EMT and medical assistant in college. I am also CPR certified as well.
I am the oldest of three children and grew up babysitting my two younger siblings as well as neighbors and family friends. While in college I took as many babysitting and nannying jobs as I possibly could. Most recently I have been babysitting three children ages 4, 6, and 1 twice a week. I also babysit a 6 year old twice a week. I have a lot of experience with elementary children from years of volunteering in a Montessori classroom. I really like babysitting 4-8 year olds. I also have experience with infants and babies and I also like babysitting them. When I am babysitting I like to play games, read books and go on walks. When I am babysitting I want to create a comfortable environment for both children and the parents. I also want to create an engaging environment for the children because I believe that when children are engaged and having fun they are more likely to be okay with a sitter in the future. Lastly I hold safety in the highest regard especially given my education.
A few things about me: I love to ski, Iv’e been backcountry skiing and resort skiing my entire life. I also love to mountain bike, raft and kayak in the summer. When I am not outside I like to read or draw.

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